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All our products are certified fair-wear, oeko-tex and meet quality criteria

The good deals

BS Black Spider 100% coton. Shopper avec long manche 67 cm Taille: 38X42 cm Surface imprimable: 26X30 cm.
140gsm, 100% cotton

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available in 13 colors

The premiums

100% coton biolologique. Shopper en coton certifié Control Union, large surface d'impression, peut être porté à la main ou à l'épaule. Longueur des anses: 67 cm. Dimensions: 38x42 cm, capacité 10 litres, surface d'impression maximale: 33x36 cm. 200 g/m² | Size: UNICA |
200g/m2, 100% organic cotton

Organic tote bag

a long-lasting bag
available in 8 colors

The top-of-the-range

283g/m2, 100% organic cotton

Thick organic tote bag

A high-end personalized bag
available in 1 color

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